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Bizmosis® Winchester is a great place to grow your business. 
Come and meet us. Click the button below to visit our Eventbrite page.

Helena Holrick is the leader of Bizmosis® Winchester and is also a business and personal mentor. 

" I've got 8 new projects and now 60% of my sales this year have come from this community!"

I’m Jess Bassett from Forget Me Not Films, bringing home archives back to life. I’ve been a Bizmosis® member since March 2019. I joined because my children had grown up a bit and I realised that I had been working away at my business – basically,

I’d forgotten to look up and look out. At Bizmosis® I met a lot of other business owners who felt the same as I did – all working from home and trying to do everything!

The community has certainly reinvigorated me: it was great to get out and tell people what I did and see that they were really interested. My confidence grew. I’ve learnt loads.

It’s made me take action on some areas of business where I hadn’t - and knew I hadn’t! Finally, brilliantly, the Hub has actually given me 8 new projects that have accounted for 60% of my turnover this year.

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