June 30

Website Lead Generation: 5 Ways to Improve your Conversions

Convert your website into a lead-generating marketing machine.

One of the first lessons business owners learn is; conversion is key. Having achieve mantra-like status, it dawns on many of us that converting prospects to customers is very often easier said than done.  

Lead Magnets are devices used by many business owners to generate a steady flow of new leads and prospects from their website. Effectively, they offer a resource (a PDF, free templates, video training) in exchange for an email address.

Without the use of lead magnets, research showed that first-time website visitors only opt-in to email newsletters 1.85% of the time, compared to a 20% increase with a lead magnet.

Intrigued? Here are 5 things to consider if you’re looking to increase your website lead generation.

1. Measuring your current successes

As research shows, by offering your prospects a free downloadable resource (a lead magnet) in exchange for their email address, you can increase opt-in percentage ten-fold! So, keep an eye on your current figures and if you have room for improvement.

2. Most first-time visitors won’t be ready to buy

Even the best websites will struggle to convert first-time visitors into customers. Using a lead magnet to capture visitor’s email addresses gives you the opportunity to build a relationship between your brand and your prospect until they are in a place to buy.

3. Creating the content

When creating a lead magnet, it’s important to strike a balance between providing a valuable resource and making sure your prospect comes back for more. Try to address a problem that your customers will have encountered, offering a solution and a sneak peek at other ways your business will help them.

4. Always highlight the benefits

As people are getting more and more protective of their data and inboxes, it is vital to ensure your prospects trust your brand and genuinely want the resources you’re providing. Beside your ‘download’ button, be sure to bullet point what they will learn and how it will help them.

5. Think of it as a test drive

In terms of converting prospects, trust is essential. By ensuring your lead magnet is a valuable resource to potential customers, your brand, and your business by default will be viewed as valuable and trustworthy. A lead magnet is a powerful tool, so creating a positive brand test drive is key to increasing conversion rates.

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