September 7

Understanding your different customer needs

Some of your prospective customers are actually ready to buy from you now, but the majority are not

However, just because they’re not ready to buy immediately, doesn’t mean you should ignore them. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, because these are your future customers. So it’s important that you still fulfil their needs now so that when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

Here are 5 ‘buying states’ that you may want to target with different information in order to attract future customers to your products and services.

1. Researching

This is the earliest stage buyer who is just researching the market to understand more about solving a problem or need they have. Your marketing at this stage is purely information to help your prospects understand the choices they have available to them

2. Comparing

Once your customer has narrowed down their choices in terms of products or brands, it’s time to compare them to see which might offer the best value, service, or be most convenient etc. So your marketing should look to help your customer clearly see how you compare to other offerings in the market.

3. Validating

As your prospective customers are drawn closer to buying from you, then they will look to validate their decision and want to feel confident they are making the right choice. This is where you should use reviews and testimonials in your marketing to reassure your customers that they are making the right decision.

4. Purchasing

Even when your customers have decided to buy from you, they will often still need a reason to ‘buy now’, so you should make sure your marketing gives them that reason. Using promotional marketing can often be the trigger to make sure those customers are going to buy from you and not be swayed at the last minute by an offer from a competitor.

5. Referring

Just because a customer has bought from you once, doesn’t automatically make them a repeat customer. They still need reassurance and further reasons to buy from you. Make sure your marketing connects with your existing customers to help them with their future buying decisions and also encourage them to refer new customers.

By understanding the different ‘buyer states’ of your customers, you can make sure your marketing is working hard to build customer relationships and a more robust business.

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