August 20

The 5 Components Of Your Brand

Communicating your brand values is essential for engaging your prospects

The term Brand or Branding is now used by many of us on a daily basis. However for many businesses, both large and small, branding is not fully understood or embraced in terms of delivering an impactful brand experience to customers.

Your brand needs to be able to communicate on many levels to your audience – and in a way that is clear and consistent.

So, is your brand as strong as it could be?

Consider these 5 components and assess how you could create a more powerful brand for your business.

1. Visual Brand

This is the essential starting point for many businesses and is the creation of a clear and distinctive logo, colour palette, fonts and imagery, which all work together to create a strong visual identity.

2. Physical Brand

Your brand is also represented physically through your products and your packaging. It’s also through your people as they need to embody and project your brand personality and values.

3. Verbal Brand

This is not just about the consistent use of key phrases around your brand’s core proposition, but also about your tone of voice and how this connects to your visual and physical brand personality. Is your tone direct and professional, warm and friendly, quirky, funny etc.

4. Emotional Brand

It’s important to also consider how you want your customers to feel about your brand. After all we know that we make purchasing decisions based on emotional responses. Once you are clear about how you want your customer to feel, you can assess if your Visual, Physical and Verbal components of your brand support these emotions.

5. Experiential Brand

This is about the total experience you want to create for your customers, from initial contact with you to the buying experience, product delivery, customer service and after sales. Every touch point with your customer is an opportunity to reinforce (or undermine) your brand.

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