June 25

Managing Stress in Business, it’s Serious

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Understanding the risks of stress is the first step to managing it better

Whether it’s financial concerns, a need to find new customers, or figuring out how to navigate a global crisis – small business owners are no stranger to stress and its often-harmful health impact.

As expert Grant Pretorius tells, the body cannot differentiate between types of stress (physical, chemical, emotional, nutritional) when creating a response – it’s always ‘fight or flight’ which, if left unchecked, can be incredible harmful.

So, although managing stress is important for maintaining productivity and a healthy mental state, it could also save you from insidious physical symptoms that can create a breeding ground for disease.

To better understand the importance of managing your anxieties, here are 5 ways stress can have a detrimental impact on your body if left unchecked.

1. Blood pressure rises

When put in a stressful situation, the most recognisable symptom of fight or flight is an elevated heart rate as your blood pressure increases and your blood vessels narrow.

Managing stress can… help to regulate blood pressure and decrease the chances of potentially fatal blood clots.

2. Mobilises blood sugar

As the body begins to feel stressed, cortisol is produced in order to provide the body with glucose for the pre-empted fight or flight. However, if cortisol levels, and subsequent glucose levels, are heightened over long periods of time it leads to increased blood sugar levels.

Managing stress can… help to keep blood sugar balanced and decrease the chances of Type 2 Diabetes.

3. Compromises immune system

While stress hormones are produced in order to aid our fight our flight, they can be detrimental to our immune system and its ability to fight off antigens.

Managing stress can… help sustain the strength of your immune system and fight off potentially fatal illnesses.

4. Digestion

The gut is deeply connected with your brain and central nervous system, so stress can have a huge impact on how effectively we digest food.

Managing stress can… relieve symptoms of IBS, regulate weight and ensure you are receiving as many nutrients as possible from your food.

5. Brain chemistry

Chronic or long-term stress has been proven to have a shrinking effect on the pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain helping with memory and learning. 

Managing stress can… help maintain the functionality of your brain for a longer, more intuitive life and business!

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This article was written in collaboration with Grant Pretorius. You can find out more about Grant on his website: www.farnhamchiropractic.co.uk


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