September 21

Stop Procrastinating. Take Action Now To Grow Your Business.


Are You a Procrastinator?

There are only two reasons you are reading this article;

One, you’re procrastinating right now – and avoiding doing the stuff that’s really important to your business.

Or, two, you could be looking for a solution for your procrastination. In which case, you should read on.

How can you tell?

If there’s a thought in your mind that you may be a procrastinator, then you definitely are. But if you’re unsure… does any of this sound at all familiar?

Do you find yourself spending much of the day doing lots of small jobs, that you find easy to do? 

Are you easily distracted, particularly when you know you should be focusing on the big thing you’re currently avoiding?

Do you feel super busy but in reality, you end up filling your time with everything but the big, important stuff that will actually grow your business?

Do you often feel like you can’t face the big things? Probably because their either too big, or too complex and you’re not sure where to even start!

In your mind, you’re thinking these big projects or tasks are best put aside for tomorrow. Or possibly for later in the week. Or maybe even some undermined time in the future.

And if you’re honest with yourself, unless there’s a really unavoidable deadline, the chances are these bigger things will never get done.

What’s the problem?

So, you’re a procrastinator. What’s the big deal?

Well, the chances are that despite being really busy, you’re probably constantly frustrated with your own lack of progress. 

And you’re likely to feel continually guilty for putting off the tasks that you know are really important, but you just can’t seem to start.

You’re also probably annoyed with yourself because despite the fact that you know you’re procrastinating, it won’t make your big project any easier and it certainly won’t make it go away.

And while you feel like you learn your lesson every time you leave a project to the last minute and then get really panicked and stressed – you do it again, and again…

Let’s face it, procrastinating is generally unpleasant and uncomfortable.

And the solution is?

The short answer, is planning. 

But not in a way that you’d normally do it. 

This planning is about managing your procrastination and making it easier and more rewarding, so you can take small steps on the big stuff… and get the results and rewards for doing so.

Start with your goals

The first step is to get really clear on your goals. 

If you’ve got a big project and you think it’s important for growing your business, but you’re hesitant to take action, then you need to understand why that is.

Consider what the outcome of this project will be. Identify what impact it will have on your business growth and how you will feel if you achieve it. Get really clear on what success looks and feels like to you and your business.

Also, be really clear on the impact of not doing it. What will the consequences be?

Be really specific about all this. Real clarity here will enable you to readjust your priorities and focus your efforts.

Where are you now?

The second step is all about your current reality.

This is where you need to be brutally honest with yourself.

You need to clearly identify where you are right now it terms of your project; What the real barriers and challenges are. What skills and resources to you need to achieve your goal? And what could possibly get in your way? 

Once you’re really clear about your current reality and your goal, it’s far easier to see what you need in order to bridge the gap between the two.

Now let’s start to break things down.

What are your options?

The third step is to explore your routes or options for getting from your current reality to your goal. 

What are the actions steps that you need to take to overcome the obstacles?

You should try and be detailed and specific here. 

If you are vague, then your procrastination will kick in and it’ll suddenly all seem to difficult. And we know what happens then!

When do you want it by?

The final step is your timescale. What needs to be done by when. This is all about small actions, deadlines and positive steps forwards. 

You should keep each of your action steps small and your timescales realistic.

Your goal is to make it easy and achievable, so you can take some action, get a result and feel good about it.

So, now your big goal or project is looking more like a series of small tasks you can put on a to-do list.

Just keep ticking them off!

With each simple step, you’ll see progress and feel the rewards of taking action and getting to grips with the bigger stuff that will actually impact the growth of your business.

This 4-step process is the GROW model.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use the GROW model to actually grow your business, then check out the Bizmosis Academy.

Right now!


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