July 13

Small Businesses Working With 2020 Graduates

A fresh pair of eyes could be exactly what your business needs to thrive after lockdown

As business owners, you will have likely felt the economic sting of the current crisis and the limitations of the lockdown period. However, with the promise of many non-essential shops reopening mid-June, a ray of hope sparks the inevitable onslaught of a new concern for many business owners – How to get back on your feet post-lockdown?

As opportunities for internships and grad schemes appear to dwindle this summer, small businesses have a unique opportunity to seek out mutually beneficial support in the intelligent, hard-working, internet-savvy graduates of this year.

Here are 5 things to consider when employing a graduate intern:

1. Set Goals

Before you start your search, it is important to understand what you would like to achieve from this professional relationship. Setting a goal for the partnership and sharing it with potential applicants will help you create a structure for the internship and let graduates know what skills to highlight in their applications.

2. Ensure Equality of Opportunity

When hiring, it is essential to make sure that your position is available to all applicants, not just those who can afford to take unpaid work for the sake of experience. In simple terms, if your business cannot afford to pay an intern, you should not be seeking one out.

3. How to Find Them

Social media is fast-becoming a widely-used tool for professional opportunities but if you don’t have an existing platform for your small business, LinkedIn is a great place to start – you can either list a job or simply post it on your feed with hashtags #graduate #paidinternship.

4. Make it Mutually Beneficial

The key to a successful internship is ensuring that it benefits both parties equally. During the application process, it is important to address what the applicant can bring and what they can learn from the experience – if you are unsure, why not ask them what they would like to learn?

5. See it as an Opportunity

Working with a younger generation will help you learn to communicate with a potentially untouched demographic of customers, so try to be open-minded and inquisitive with their suggestions.

You can find out more about recruiting graduates on the Milk Round website: https://www.milkround.com/recruiter-advice/hiring-people 

This piece was written by Ellie Howkins, an English graduate currently working as a freelance copywriter. If you would like to work with Ellie please contact her at elliehowkins@icloud.com or visit her website elliehowkins.com

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