September 14

Quick Wins with Google

Entering into the world of Google advertising can be daunting – here are 5 tips to get you started

If you’re looking for a quick boost in sales, get more leads, or to bring new visitors to your website, then you should consider trying Google Ads.

With Google Ads, you are targeting specific keywords and phrases that your audience might search for when looking to buy your product or service. And you only pay when someone actually clicks on your Ad, hence this type of advertising is called Pay Per Click (PPC).

And the good news is that despite the sophistication of this advertising platform, it’s now very easy to set up and test a simple campaign.

But, just before you get started here are my 5 top tips for getting the best results from your Google campaign.

1. Research

Before you even think about creating your campaign, it’s good to take a look at what your competition is doing, as it will help you identify the sort of words and phrases that might attract potential customers. Start by searching phrases your customers might use and see what results come up.

2. Search with intent

The goal with Google Ads is to find the potential buyers, rather than just those people who are just doing some research. So think about search phrases your potential customers might use when they are closer to a buying decision. Use phrases like “Where to buy (your product/service)” or “(your product/service) prices”.

3. Be clear on your call to action

It’s important to give people a reason to click on your Ad, so you should create a campaign with a specific call to action. Maybe a free sample, an offer, or discount. You need to make sure your advertising copy connects with what your ideal customer is looking for.

4. Check your website landing page

You not only need to have a strong Ad but also when your prospect visits your web page, they need to be presented with clear and concise information that will help move them closer to the point of purchasing. Make sure your web page is clear, simple and direct.

5. Experiment and measure

Using Google Ads gives you a great opportunity to test and measure what your audience responds to. So you can create multiple Ads with different messages and see which work best. Then use this information to refine your website copy so that your messages are connecting to your audience in the most powerful way.

Search Google Ads voucher to get started. All you need to do is spend £25 of your own money on Google Ads, and they’ll give you an additional £75 worth of free advertising.

It’s definitely worth testing and could provide you with a quick boost in sales!

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