July 23

Optimise your Website Performance

Your online presence is more essential than ever…

As business owners we know that our website is the place our prospects go to learn more about us and to inform their buying decisions, so it’s essential that it provides a positive user experience.

But is your website performing at its best? And if it isn’t, how would you even know?

You can find the answer by installing Google Analytics on your site.

This software provides you with a mountain of data, but here are just 5 key Analytics metrics that can give you a real insight into your website’s performance:

1. Time on site

This literally tells you how long your visitors are spending on your website. If this figure is very low (ie average less than 15 seconds) it might indicate that your website messaging is confusing or not engaging.

2. Bounce rate

This is a measure of how engaged your website visitors are and if the are interacting with you content (ie watching videos visiting numerous pages etc). A high bounce rate (over 90%) would again indicate that your copy is not clear or not seen as relevant by your visitor.

3. Pages per visit

As the name suggests this is a measure of the average number of website pages your visitors navigate to. If this figure is less than 2 then you might want to look at how easy your site is to navigate and how you use linking on your web pages to draw your visitors into your information, messages and offers.

4. Load speed

More recently this has become the most important aspect of website user experience – ie how long users have to wait for your website to load up in their browser. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds, the chances are that your visitor will give up and go elsewhere.

5. Page size

There are many factors which can impact Load Speed, but probably the simplest and easiest to fix is Page Size. This is particularly true for businesses who have built their own websites. The problem is that the images used on many website have not been optimised and consequently these seriously impact the load speed of the website.

A handy tool for quickly measuring your website Load Speed and Page Size can be found here: https://tools.pingdom.com

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