July 9

Maintaining and Reworking your Business Rhythm

Adapting is essential for survival in the business world

Amid hourly news updates and the likely disruption to your usual working environment, the challenge of maintaining your pre-crisis rate of productivity is an issue that everyone seems to be facing at this current time.

Dedicating specific times for finances, campaign planning and analysis of sales is a great way to mentally segment your week/ month/ year but on a daily basis, devoting periods of time to personal practices can vastly improve your rate of productivity and help you to develop a rhythm for your working from home day.

Here are 5 practices you should introduce into your working day to increase productivity:

1. Moving

It’s not news that increasing your blood flow can help your mind get activated so stepping outside for a stroll should be the first thing on everyone’s mind when they want to increase productivity. Whether you want to use your normal commuting time for a walk or step out during your lunch break, fresh air will help you clear your head and reset your mind for the work ahead.

2. Sharing

Keeping your community and/or workforce in the loop is essential during these times of limited interaction. Whether it’s via Zoom, Email or a social media post, dedicating some time towards sharing can help you, your community and your customers feel connected and motivated.

3. Caring

Taking some time in your day to support your family or neighbours is so important in the current crisis. Building in time to volunteer locally (checking in on people over the phone or doing their weekly shop) can help to settle your mind about the current situation and ensure that your working day is as beneficial to others as it is to you. 

4. Learning

As small business owners, it’s likely that most days consist of learning something new, but dedicating specific time to learning is a great way to stretch your mind and open your eyes to new capabilities of your business. For example, dedicating an hour to learning how to use LinkedIn to its maximum potential is both vastly useful to your business and will increase the productivity of your working day with a feeling of achievement.

5. Working

Unfortunately, hours spent at your desk does not necessarily equate to a productive working day. And while plenty of connection hours are important for communication, dedicating a 90-minute working session is the best way to make sure you’re getting at least an hour and a half uninterrupted work done.   

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This article was written in collaboration with Helena Holrick. You can find out more about Helena on her website: www.helpingyoushine.com


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