March 19

Quick Wins with Local Newspaper Advertising


Underestimating the power of print in a local environment could be a missed opportunity.

With so much emphasis and media coverage around online advertising with like Facebook and Google, it’s easy to forget that local newspaper advertising still has an important role to play for many local businesses in terms of driving traffic and sales, both online and offline.

And with the right approach and focus, local newspaper advertising can still be very cost-effective, and provide a measurable return on investment – as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Here are my top 5 tips for getting the biggest impact from newspaper advertising spend.

1. Be consistent

With newspaper advertising, it’s important that you’re consistent with your message, and frequency of your ads. Running just a single ad for one week only, won’t get you the results you expect. You need to plan on running a series of ads, in order to build awareness and familiarity in the mind of your audience. Through repetition, they will become more aware of your business and offer and will take action.

2. Build momentum

If you’re running a special campaign or promotion in your local newspaper, then make sure you tell your existing customers, fans, and followers about it. Create a bit of a buzz. Send emails, post onto your social media and tell them to pick up a copy of the paper. Maybe even offer your existing customers an extra bonus!

3. Increase exposure

One of the major advantages of press advertising is the ability to link your campaign to some editorial. To get more impact from your advertising make sure you also have some news or an article in the paper. Talk to the newspaper editorial or advertising teams and they’ll be happy to help you increase your exposure.

4. Always make an offer

Don’t use newspaper advertising to just tell people what you do. Give them a reason to take notice and take action. Make sure there’s a specific message or offer in your advertisement, and a clear call to action – ideally with a deadline or some form of scarcity in order to add urgency.

5. Make it measurable

You need to be able to test and measure the effectiveness of your advertising and quantify your return on investment. The simplest way to do this is to have some form of voucher, redemption code, or Ad reference that is unique to your press advertising. You could test a 48-hour discount offer, a time-limited money-off voucher, or 2 for 1 promotion code etc.

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