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Discover how Bizmosis® can help you Grow your Business.
Explore new ideas, share experiences, make connections and get the support you need to grow your business.

As business owners, we can all learn faster, smarter and with greater confidence when we have the support of a friendly and engaged business community.

Bizmosis® is about creating that community, where business ideas and challenges can be shared openly without judgment.

 A community where you can be amongst like-minded business owners, learning new skills, and developing the knowledge you need to grow your business.
"It’s the way a business community should work. I always leave feeling uplifted and positive, with more direction for the week ahead."
Mark Alcock - Rhythmworks Team Building
Your Monthly Growth Plan:
Each month you'll be able to focus on a core business growth strategy, supported by subject matter experts, action-taking workbooks, brainstorm sessions and online workshops with our community of business owners. 

Our weekly Bizmosis® sessions offer you something new to help you grow your business faster, and with greater confidence and predictability.
Each Week You'll Have Access To:
  • Online Zoom meetings, including training webinars, mini-workshops and interactive breakout sessions.
  • An active and responsive Private Facebook Group where you can get support, request feedback, and ask for recommendations - as well as view webinar recordings, and access training materials.
  • A great community of business owners ready to support you and your business.
Each of our weekly online sessions are focused on helping YOU and YOUR Business grow.
Week 1: Inspiration
Your First Session of the month is focused on learning and inspiration.
These inspiration sessions will be delivered by subject matter experts.

The objective is to give you a clear growth focus for the month ahead. These sessions are accompanied by a bespoke Bizmosis workbook, crafted so you can follow a step-by-step process and achieve results quickly and easily.
Week 2: Interaction
Your Second Session is an interactive exchange of ideas.
Developing ideas by yourself can be hard and progress can be slow. As business owners we often struggle to get some objectivity on our business and consequently miss opportunities that can often be obvious to those outside your business. 

In this highly interactive session, you'll be brainstorming ideas with other business owners. These fun and energised sessions will provide you with the motivation your need to move your business forwards with real conviction.
Week 3: Connection
Your Third Session will give you genuine support and real connections.
Whilst we're not a networking group, we are all about making connections!

This session is focused around really getting to know each other, so we can offer support, recommendations and referalls, with ease and total confidence. 

Being part of the Bizmosis® community means you get access to the genuine support of a caring, open and honest community of like-minded business owners.
Week 4: Action
Your final session of the month is focused on delivering results for your business. 
We want you to experience tangible growth every single month. So this session is about setting out your goals, taking action and implementing the strategies and tactics you’ve learnt during the month.  

Progress and growth are the result of implementation and action-taking. So in the final week of each month we’ll be reviewing progress, sharing challenges and celebrating results, both big and small.

With Bizmosis® you can get the right level of accountability to suit you, so that you can experience progress, without feeling under pressure.
Bizmosis Membership is just £37 per month
There are no joining fees, contracts or commitments - just month by month value
Sound Interesting?
If you would like to learn how the BIzmosis® community can help you grow your business, then click the button below and book a 30-Minute call with me.
We can talk about your business and goals for the coming year - and exactly how Bizmosis® can work for you.

I'll also let you know how you can access a Special Joining Offer so you can experience Bizmosis® for yourself. 
I look forward to working with you and welcoming you to our amazing community of business owners.

Jonathan Howkins, Bizmosis® Founder

"I’m so grateful I’ve been part of the Bizmosis community. You have truly inspired me to go further with my self development and grow my business"
Claudia Tinnirello - Web Designer