August 24

How To Make Your Marketing Messaging More Relevant

Relevance is key to getting your message heard

Getting your message heard in the sea of marketing can be a challenging task which often pushes small business owners in the direction of quantity over quality. While advertising is a powerful tool to spike your reach, you still need people to find your message interesting and most importantly relevant.

Here are five things to consider when crafting relevant marketing messaging:

1. Make an impression

Nowadays, standing out in the crowd doesn’t necessarily mean simply making your branding bold and beautiful and it definitely doesn’t mean using some trashy headline just to get user’s attention.

To make an impression your branding should be clear, your messaging should make sense in conjunction with your brand and be relevant to your potential customer – much more effective than a new logo.

2. Be useful

With the ‘self-improvement’ trend on a consistent incline, making your message useful to your prospect’s life is the key to grabbing their attention. Consider how your services will help your prospect and make that the driving point of your message.

3. Be clear 

Attention spans are shrinking by the day so making your message clear and easy to read is essential in order to spark interest and get your audience to take action! Ditch the jargon and head straight for the core of the message.

4. Meet you customers at the point of their problem

Anticipating your prospect’s concerns and addressing them head on is a great way to market your business as a relevant and useful service that puts their customers first.

5. Be authentic to your brand

Marketing messaging is inherently tied to your brand, so ensuring it makes sense in conjunction with your business is vital for converting prospects from browsing a marketing message, to seeking out your services.

Putting these notions into action can be easier said than done, so join us on our Free Webinar next Monday, where Helena Holrick will be taking us through how to implement these ideas into your business, to ensure all your marketing messages are clear, useful and relevant.

If you’d like to get more ideas to make your marketing messaging relevant, join us on our weekly free webinars every Monday at 1.00 pm. Contact [email protected] for more details and your personal invitation.

This article was written in collaboration with Helena Holrick. You can find out more about Helena on her website:


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