August 27

Grow Your Customers And Grow Your Business

Building your relationship with your customer is essential for conversion

For many small business owners, their main focus for product development and marketing investment is to get the initial sale from a new client.

Yet we all know that the easiest and most profitable sale we can make is to our existing customers. And also many businesses get more clients from referrals and recommendations than from marketing to cold audiences.

So why don’t they take the time to look at their customer’s journey and develop a range of products or services that are specifically designed to grow that customer relationship?

Here’s a simple breakdown of the 5 stages of the client journey and some ideas for developing your customer relationships, making it easier for them to buy more from you and grow your business more profitably.

1. Suspects

These are your target audience who are right for your business but don’t know you yet. Consider creating a simple low-cost product or service that you can offer free of charge to initially attract and engage this audience, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise and value.

2. Prospects

These are people who have interacted with you via phone, email or in-person but have not purchased anything yet. Is there a small low-cost purchase they could make that would allow your prospects to experience what it’s like to deal with you, and allow you to present an opportunity for them to become a customer.

3. Clients

These are people who have bought from you once. Consider how you are using the point of purchase or delivery to help them understand how you can add value to them more either right now, or in the future.  

4. Repeat customer

These are people who have purchased from you multiple times. Consider how you can use these sales interactions to further increase the value of this customer. Might they be interested in a product or service enhancement, a subscription service, or a higher-priced bespoke offering?

5. Advocates

These are your best and most loyal customers. With this group, you could consider creating a new product or services that are designed to ensure you stay in their minds but also provides an opportunity to let them help you grow your business further. Could you create a case study and use your customer’s experience and testimonial of you and your business to convert more of your prospects into clients, or repeat customers?

If you can create a simple sequence of products or services that match the different customer stages, you can ensure you’re maximising growth and building an effective and profitable customer journey.

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