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7 Proven Strategies To Get You More Customers
(without it costing you a fortune).
If you're looking to grow your business, then getting more customers has got to be your priority.
New customers are the lifeblood of all businesses. But unfortunately they're often in short supply.

But there's some good news... 

In this FREE series of Bizmosis® business growth seminars you'll discover 7 Customer-Getting Strategies you can quickly and easily implement into your business - and at almost zero cost. 

In this free session you’ll discover how to use these strategies to create a regular and sustainable flow of new leads into your business, every week, and every month.

You’ll be learning from highly experienced specialists in Marketing, Business Coaching and Leadership, who will show you exactly how to accelerate your business growth and start getting more customers.

Experience instant results!

If you start by just implementing one of these 7 Strategies you'll experience an immediate impact your business growth and profitability, but when you combine them together, the results can be transformational.
" I've got 8 new projects and now 60% of my sales this year have come from this community!"
Jess Bassett, Forget Me Not Films
"Around 35% of my sales now come via the Bizmosis® community.”
Tanya Edwards, Thoro Social Media
You'll also learn...

  • The essential numbers in your business that drive your profitability and Business Resilience, so you can grow your business with greater confidence and surety of success.
  • The key steps of your customer journey that will deliver the biggest impact on your Operational Efficiency, so you can drive increased margins and profitability.
  • The blueprint to laser focusing your targeting and accelerate your customer acquisition and Marketing Effectiveness, so you can get more customers and spend less money.

Book your place now

We’re putting on this free event at 4 locations in Chichester, Farnham, Basingstoke and Winchester to introduce many more local entrepreneurs and startups to the Bizmosis® business community.

And it gets better.

When you attend this intensive 2-hour Customer-Getting seminar you’ll also be getting up to £350 worth of FREE business support and training, so you can implement these strategies and seriously grow your business in 2020.

Book Your Place Using The Links Below!
Discover what Bizmosis® can do for your business
Bizmosis® is a community where you can be amongst like-minded business owners, learning new skills, and developing the knowledge you need to grow your business.
Choose your date and location and book your FREE place now.
Wednesday 1st April
Metro House, Chichester
Adrian Brown
Adrian Brown: Bizmosis® Chichester
Wednesday 8th April: Online Event
hosted by Bizmosis® Farnham
Jonathan Howkins: Bizmosis® Farnham
Friday 1st May
The Viables, Basingstoke
Darren Hignett: Bizmosis® Basingstoke
Thursday 6th May
Chilcomb Down House, Winchester
Helena Holrick: Bizmosis® Winchester
We're here to help grow YOU and grow YOUR business
Our purpose is to create an engaged community of local business owners who meet in person to listen, learn, share, grow, and succeed. 
" I've got 8 new projects and now 60% of my sales this year have come from this community!"
Jess Bassett Forget Me Not Films
"Just getting to know everyone has brought me lots of business – around 35% of my sales now come via the Bizmosis® community.”
Tanya Edwards Thoro Social Media
Jess Bassett Forget Me Not Films
"It’s my personal growth that really shines out as the gold-dust benefit of being part of this community”
Anna Hodges Anna Londei Fashion
Jess Bassett Forget Me Not Films



Farnham, Surrey

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