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78% of small business owners know that their Marketing definitely needs attention!

Early analysis of the results from all business owners who have completed the test clearly indicates that Marketing is an absolute priority.

It's not really surprising

Marketing and getting new customers is the lifeblood of any business.

However, it's one of those areas of business that is often not well understood - and is becoming ever more complex, with an ever-expanding number marketing channels and options now available.

For many businesses, the main challenge is deciding what Marketing is right and what activity will deliver the best results?

Having spent the last 5-years working with and supporting hundreds of small business owners, I've identified a simple system to address this.

There four areas of Marketing focus that can have the biggest impact in terms of results.

These are Targeting, Messaging, Strategy and Tactics.

Once you are clear on each of these, then Marketing becomes simple and straightforward.

These Focus areas are all completely interconnected with each one informing the next as they build clear picture of what will work for you in terms of Marketing and creating sustainable busines growth.

Here's the deal...

I've taken these four Focus areas and developed a simple yet really powerful Marketing Effectiveness Toolkit for you.

Each Marketing Focus has its own Workbook which maps out a simple structured process to help you finally take control of your Marketing.

All you have to do is to work you way through each Workbook, answering the simple questions as you go.

Your Marketing Effectiveness Toolkit

Step-by-step action-taking

  • In the Workbook 1 you'll get real clearity on exactly who you should be targeting and why.
  • Workbook 2 you'll be using a simple formula to create powerful messages for your products or services that will compel your audience to take action
  • Workbook 3 I'll walk you through a framework that will allow you to identify what marketing activity you should be doing to have the biggest impact on your business.
  • Workbook 4 I share with you 15 Marketing strategies and tactics you can use immediately, at almost zero cost - and start to generate more sales.

Here's what you're getting with your set of printed workbooks.

These Workbooks are not PDF Downloads, but actual printed workbooks, so you keep them to hand and easily refer to them whenever you're creating any Marketing; from creating Ads, updating Web Site copy, generating emails, producing flyers etc. 

Regardless of your Marketing tactics, these Workbooks will help you create Marketing communications that deliver results. 

WORKBOOK 1: Focus On The Right Customers

Dramatically improve your Marketing return on investment with this Customer Targeting Framework.

  • List Element
  • List Element
  • 8-Page A4 Printed Workbook

WORBOOK 2: Instantly Connect With Your Audience

Create engaging copy that compells your audience to take action with this Marketing Messages Template.

WORKBOOK 3: Identify The Right Actions To Deliver Maximum Impact

Accelerate your Marketing effectiveness with this step-by-step Marketing Strategy Planning Tool.

WORKBOOK 4: Implement Low-Cost Strategies For The Best Results

Deliver high-impact results for almost zero cost with these Marketing Tricks, Techniques and Tactics.

And everything's Guaranteed!

Order Your Marketing Toolkit Now

Order your full set of 4 Marketing Toolkit Workbooks for the single low price of just £29.95 (Including FREE Shipping).


Once you've made your purchase you will also get instant access to these two great Bonuses.

BONUS 1: Instant Digital Access. You can download the Workbooks right now and start planning out your Marketing Campaign.

BONUS 2: Video Training. You will also be given access to video training, to guide you through each of the Workbooks, so that you can start shaping your targeting, messaging and tactics both easier and faster.

And everything's Guaranteed!

This diagnostic test and analysis has been developed from direct experience, working with and supporting hundreds of small business owners over the last 5 years. 

"I feel uplifted and positive, with more direction for the week ahead."
Mark Alcock - Rhythmworks Team Building
"You have truly inspired me to go further and grow my business"
Claudia Tinnirello - Web Designer