September 21

Finding More Of Your Ideal Customers

Understanding your customer is key to effective engagement

As business owners, we all understand the importance of being able to clearly define who our ideal customers are. By creating an image or profile of them, we can then identify the right marketing channels and messages to target, engage, and connect with them in the most cost-effective way.

Here are my 5 tips to building a profile of your ideal customer

1. Demographics

The easiest starting point is to define their age range, gender and geographic location. The important thing to remember are the words ‘Ideal Customer’ so be clear on exactly who they are and keep your age range and location as tight as possible.

2. Interests

The next step is to understand what things they like and are interested in. This is important in terms of building a clear picture of exactly who they are and also other products, brands, and channels that you might want to partner with or be associated with, in order to easily reach your ideal audience.

3. Pains

We now need to dig deeper into your audience and understand their frustrations and challenges associated with your product or service. If you want to instantly connect with your audience, you need to be able to identify with them and demonstrate empathy and understanding.

4. Gains

As well as understanding their ‘Pains’ you also need to be clear on their ‘Gains’ – ie what is the solution or outcome your audience is ultimately looking for – and how does your product or service deliver this for them?

5. Timing

Even though you might have a really clear picture in your mind of who your ideal audience now is, you still don’t know if they are ready to buy from you just yet. So you need to consider creating different messages to target your audience at the different stages of the buying process. I’ll be going into more detail on this in my article next week.

As a business, you may have multiple products and services and consequently, you need to create different ideal customer profiles. Investing time in creating these profiles will dramatically improve the cost-effectiveness of your marketing investment.

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