March 4

Email Marketing: 5 Quick Tips

If you use email marketing in your business, then you’ve probably noticed that email open and click rates have been going down.

We’re all suffering from email overload and consequently getting attention and engagement on email is becoming really tough.

However as a marketing medium it can still be a very effective, low cost strategy, if done properly.

So just before you give up on sending marketing emails, I want to share with you my 5 Email Marketing Tips to boost the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

1. Get attention

Your goal is to stop your reader from automatically hitting the delete button on your message. So the first step is to make your email subject line visually stand out. A couple of techniques you can deploy are to use capitalization on one of your words, include punctuation, exclamation and question marks, personalization and emoji’s. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct. This is about getting attention.

2. Be interesting

Your email subject line needs to sell the reader on clicking on your message. So make sure it’s interesting, quirky, challenging or intriguing. Use questions or statements like “Is this you?” or “Never doing THAT again!” then make sure your email opening line ties into that subject.

3. What’s in it for me?

The next most important part of your email is your opening line of your message. This line has to reward the reader for clicking on your message. It needs to be brief and quickly communicate why this message is important and what’s in it for the reader. It has to sell them on the idea of investing a little more time to read your full message.

4. Focus on ONE message

This is where so many business owners go wrong. They include multiple messages in each email, and include links going to different places. This is just confusing for the reader. Make sure your emails are simple and focused, with one message, one offer, and links to just one place.

5. Sell the click

And finally make sure that not only is your offer really clear in your email, but also that your reader knows exactly what they should do next. We all tend to skim read our emails so it’s important that your call to action is clear and you include more that one link to your offer.

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