August 6

Don’t Get Deleted – Mastering Email Subjects

Has email marketing stopped working? Or did it just get a little harder?

Despite the massive shift to social media communications, email marketing remains one of the most powerful and cost-effective means of communicating with your customer and prospects – if you’re prepared to put a little effort into it.

In today’s business environment of information overload, just getting your audience to take notice and open your emails, rather than delete them is a real challenge.

So, it’s really important that your email subject line really grabs your audience’s attention. Here’s five techniques for your email subject lines for you to test.

Also remember your opening line of your email needs to work equally hard to keep their attention, as there’s a preview of this with most email browsers.

1. The Element of Surprise

Keep your subject line really short – just one or two words, followed by an exclamation mark. A single work can really stand out in a whole list of emails. For example: “Never!” or “Stunned!”.

2. Add some intrigue

One of the best techniques for email subject lines is to make them into a question. This adds some intrigue or a curiosity factor to your message, which we all find hard to resist. For example “Is this YOU?”

3. Make it personal

A simple technique to attract your audience’s attention is to put their name in your subject line. For example “HEY Jonathan…”

4. Maybe a little quirky?

If you think your audience would appreciate it, you can add a little humour, or quirkiness to your subject line. You can also add in an emoji to make it a little more fun. Also try and think what the Sun newspaper might do… Remember some of their classics: “GOTCHA!” or “Freddie Starr Ate My Hamster”

5. Be direct

If all else fails, just try being really direct with your audience – it can often work really well. For example “Open Immediately” or “FYI: Urgent!”

One additional tip is to mix up your use of capital letters and lower case. There are no set rule for this, it just about making your subject line stand out.

This is a great opportunity to be creative and have a little fun – and remember your objective is to get your audience’s attention and sell them on opening your email, rather than ignoring or deleting it!

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