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What Are Your Customers Thinking?

Convince Your Customers To Buy

How To Discover The Customer Insights That Drive Sales Conversions

One of the most powerful and effective sales and marketing strategies available to all businesses, is so often overlooked.

It’s not only a really simple strategy, it’s also free.

And it can remove much of the guesswork from your marketing messages and communications – and make them more effective.

So why do we ignore this strategy?

Maybe because it seems almost too low-tech?

Let’s face it if you really want to know what your audience is thinking about and what they’re looking for (ie their needs and desires), then the best and most effective strategy is to simply ask them.

Yes. I’m talking about asking them questions and seeking their opinions etc.

I’m talking about surveys.

But not the sort of surveys you might be thinking about.

These are smart surveys. These are surveys that don’t look or feel like surveys, yet they can give you the insights you need to develop really powerful and persuasive copy for your marketing messages.

All too often we rely on our own ideas and perceptions of what our audience need and want. These perceptions are at best skewed and at worst, completely wrong.

10 Ways to Get More Customers at Zero Cost

Here’s 10 survey frameworks to start you thinking about the different ways you can use the simple survey in a totally new way.

Our secret to effective surveys?

Start at the end!

Most people conducting surveys tend to start with the questions they think they should ask, rather than identifying what they actually want to know.

To make survey’s really work for your business and help you discover valuable insights into your audience’s mindset you need to ask the right questions.

Once you do this you can discover the emotional triggers that will convince your prospects to become customers.

The Lead Generator

This framework is a survey in disguise. ‘The Lead Generator ‘survey is also revealed as the Quick Quiz, the Instant Poll, or the ‘Take the Test’.

With a strong, simple hook and a well-structured survey you can convert a few simple questions into a highly effective Lead Generator than can intrigue and entertain your audience.

This type of survey is ideal for setting up an expectation of a follow up message or an offer.

The Decision Maker

If you’re looking to put together a marketing campaign but are unsure which of your products or services to offer, or would like to get more specific about which colours/ spec to include, simply ask your audience before investing.

You could save yourself a fortune in advertising and promotion costs and could even make more sales by tapping into want your audience actually needs and values the most.

The Product Developer

This is how you truly maximise on audience insights and data! Thinking of offering something new to your existing audience, or want to reach into new markets?

Start by getting the opinion and feedback from your potential customers. A well-thought-out survey can test your ideas before you invest a single penny in product development, prototyping, message development or marketing.

The Demand Creator

Once you’ve got your marketing intelligence from ‘The Product Developer’ survey you can use another type of survey to tease your market about up an upcoming launch – building market demand and anticipation ahead of actually creating or finalizing your product or service.

Use ‘The Demand Creator’ to build a waiting list or even get pre-orders and generate some revenue before creating your products. Not only is this great for cash-flow but it really tests your audience’s genuine appetite for what you’re offering.

The Mind Reader

If you actually knew what was going on in the mind of your audience and you knew what they really want and need, then wouldn’t it be so much easier to engage and connect with them?

If you could really understand their concerns and doubts, don’t you think you could convert more customers and make more sales?

The most popular format of surveys, ‘The Mind Reader’ can give you invaluable and honest insight into how your customers are feeling, what they’re thinking and how you can better serve them with your offerings.

At the very least, start with this survey to better understand your prospective customers.

The Explorer

As business owners, we’re often too close to our business to have any objectivity when it comes to our messaging.

Our marketing and communications might have some of the right messages, but often they are not communicated in a way that our audience can really connect with.

‘The Explorer’ survey will help you identify the missing pieces of the communication puzzle. It’s designed to help you create more impact in your communications by using your audience’s own words, feelings and messages to ensure your marketing is focused and relevant.

Let your audience guide you – use their words, language and communication style to connect more effectively.

The Loyalty Builder

Building a bank of testimonials is essential for establishing trust with your audience. Testimonials are a powerful asset in your marketing, so you need to invest time in gathering them on a regular basis.

Using ‘The Loyalty Builder’ survey could switch your testimonial gathering process to auto-pilot! It’s all about asking the right questions to get you the type of testimonials that will increase your conversions with new customers.

The Instant Cash Creator

Surveys are not just about gathering data and insights, they can be equally effective in terms of making new offers and generating a quick boost to your sales.

Using ‘The Instant Cash Creator’ you can guide your prospects through a simple set of questions that allow you to reframe your products and services through creative offers that could be seasonal or event-based.

Using a survey means you can remove the idea of selling and present an opportunity for your audience to experience what you offer in a new and interesting way.

The Laser Targeter

Turn a broad audience into multiple niches! As a business, you no doubt have a number of different audiences or markets you would and can target. You may also have an email list of prospects who are interested in your brand and your range of products or services.

However, trying to create a high impact message that will connect with multiple audiences and talk about numerous offerings all at the same time is impossible.

To create real impact, you need to target specific messages at specific audiences – you need to go really niche. ‘The Laser Targeter’ will help you do this by getting your audience to segment themselves so you can deliver highly relevant messages to them.

The Trouble Shooter

Surveys aren’t just about asking questions, they’re also a chance to provide answers.

Using ‘The Trouble Shooter’ you can offer a simple 24/7 support solution to your prospects and customers and provide a better customer experience.

You can also provide instant answers to your potential customers FAQs and direct them to further information that will move them closer to becoming a customer.

Surveys are incredibly versatile and effective. They can provide a great experience for your prospects and customers and generate more sales at an astoundingly low cost.

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