July 16

Creating Videos That Connect With Your Audience

The key to great communication is in your pocket

It’s not news to anyone that video is the most engaging form of communication in today’s society, however in recent years accessibility to the production of high-quality video has skyrocketed.

As a small business owner, utilising this opportunity is vital for connecting with your customers and expanding your audience reach.

With most major social media platforms inviting video and encouraging engagement, creating a high-quality video is a great way to share your brand message to a wider audience and boost their overall impression of your services… with the assumption that it’s a ‘good’ video.

Undoubtedly, there are numerous physical factors which can contribute to the success of your video e.g. lighting, angles, editing, and backdrop, but today we will be focusing on the spoken content of your video. 

Here are 5 tips we recommend using to ensure you’re able to successfully communicate your brand message in a video.

1. Planning

While many may have the impression that creating a script leads to an unnatural reading-off-the-teleprompter-face, creating a structured plan for what you’re going to say can really help to communicate your brand message in the best possible way.

Whether you stick to your script or you ad-lib along the way, having the initial plan can keep your content focused and help the viewer better understand what you’re communicating.

2. Don’t read, speak

When you’re filming a video you’re facing a camera, but when someone is watching the video they’re facing you – so speak to them. Forming a bond with your potential customer and having a conversation with them is a great way to personalise your message and create a sense of trust.

3. Introductions

As mentioned above, speaking to your potential customer can really help boost engagement and watch-time of your video, so ensuring they know exactly who you are; what you do, and what each video will talk about is essential for every video.

4. Tone

Creating a professional tone without being condescending or over-friendly is challenging. Start by figuring out the core of your customer base – are they Creatives? Entrepreneurs? Students? Building the tone of your video content around your prospective customer means that they (the people most likely to convert) will be more likely to engage with it.

5. Be your brand

When your viewers watch your video, they are not only seeing you, but seeing your brand. Personifying your brand values is one of the best ways to communicate what your business stands for. Trust in your knowledge and your brand message and people will listen.

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This article was written in collaboration with Evelyn Brink. You can find out more about Evelyn on her website: www.brinkcoaching.com


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