March 19

Convincing Your Customers To Buy

Convince Your Customers To Buy

Every business owner agrees; conversion is key

Whether your selling products or services or you have a short or long sales cycle, there are five key components that can dramatically increase your conversion rates of prospects into customers.

These components may be deployed over a period of time, using different marketing tactics, or simply be contained within a single page on a website, or in an advertisement.

1. Authority (Who are you?)

Are you clearly communicating your authority? Your prospects need to know that you are the right person to be talking to and you know your stuff. Do you have any endorsements ie memberships or awards etc that reinforce your professional or industry standing?

2. Integrity (How can they trust you?)

What messages are you putting out that reinforce the fact that your products and services can be trusted? Is it your great customer service? Or after-sale support? What guarantees or warranties do you offer? How easy is it to get additional support via phone, email, instant messaging? What about publishing Frequently Asked Questions?

3. Credibility (Who else has bought from you?)

Your customers want to know that they’re not the first to buy from you. Simply adding either a customer case study or testimonials will have a dramatic impact on your credibility and reinforce your prospects’ decision to buy from you.

4. Value (Why should they buy from you?)

What separates you from your competitors? Are there aspects of your product or service that clearly differentiate you? And more importantly, are these differentiators of important to your prospects? It’s great to be different, but only when that difference is of value to your prospective customers.

5. Offer (Why should they buy now?)

Your prospects will always want to be able to justify (to themselves or others) why they chose to buy from you, and why they bought right now. So you need to give them a reason. But don’t confuse ‘offer’ with the word ‘discount’. This is not about price, but more about why now is the perfect time for your prospects to buy.

Take a look at your current sales and marketing materials and see what more you could be doing to convince your customers to buy.

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