September 3

Converting More Enquiries Into Sales

Here are 5 top tips to ensuring a successful conversion rate

As a business owner, it can be so frustrating when you know you have some potential customers who are really interested in what you have to offer, but for some reason, they’ve not yet stepped over the line to become actual customers.

Now, there may be numerous reasons why they’ve not yet become customers, but for some, it’s just the case that they’ve not yet received that final little bit of encouragement, or the right incentive to take action.

These potential customers are at the tipping point and it can often just take the smallest thing to get them to take the final step and make a purchase from you.

So next time you send out a letter, direct mail or email to your prospects consider including at least one of these tactics below and see how your response rate changes – I’m sure you’ll be surprised what impact these can have on your conversions.

1. Make it easy

The most common mistake I see is that we don’t make it really obvious what our readers should do next to make a purchase. So make sure your phone number is really clear and obvious, consider a freephone number. And also tell them what to do ie “Call this number and speak directly with me…” etc.

2. Motivate fast action

Consider offering a ‘fast-action’ discount, so that those who respond to your email within the next 48 hours get something extra that’s of immediate value. This is a great way to bring in those potential customers who are just sitting on the fence waiting to take action.

3. Incentive high-value purchase

Offer a Bonus to those who upgrade to higher value product or service (if you have one). Your bonus can be a great way for your prospects to justify buying your higher-priced product.

4. Limited numbers

The idea of scarcity in marketing is widely used – and that’s because it works. However, make sure your scarcity offer (‘Only 5 available’ etc) is genuine otherwise you risk damaging your brand reputation and customer relationships.

5. Limited time

This is another scarcity tactic which can be very powerful as long as it’s not overused and once again needs to be genuine. If you think of the power of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – these events are massively successful and if used carefully can enhance your brand rather than detract from it.

Now, you may consider these tactics as ‘cheap’ and believe they won’t work for your market or your audience. But test them and see for yourself, I’m sure you’ll be surprised.

Some of your prospects are just looking for an excuse to do business with you – and this could be just the excuse they were looking for.

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