Bizmosis® is a community where you can be amongst like-minded business owners, learning new skills, and developing the knowledge you need to grow your business.

As business owners we can all learn faster, smarter and with greater confidence, when we have the support and listening ear of a friendly and engaged business community.

The Hub is about creating that community, where business ideas and challenges can be shared openly without judgment.

Our purpose is to create an engaged community of local business owners who meet in person to listen, learn, share, grow, and succeed. Discover how Bizmosis® can help you grow your business.
" I've got 8 new projects and now 60% of my sales this year have come from this community!"

I’m Jess Bassett from Forget Me Not Films, bringing home archives back to life. I’ve been a Bizmosis® member since March 2019. I joined because my children had grown up a bit and I realised that I had been working away at my business – basically,

I’d forgotten to look up and look out. At Bizmosis® I met a lot of other business owners who felt the same as I did – all working from home and trying to do everything!

The community has certainly reinvigorated me: it was great to get out and tell people what I did and see that they were really interested. My confidence grew. I’ve learnt loads.

It’s made me take action on some areas of business where I hadn’t - and knew I hadn’t! Finally, brilliantly, the Hub has actually given me 8 new projects that have accounted for 60% of my turnover this year.

Discover how Bizmosis® can help your business grow...
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