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5 Ways to Speak About Your Business with Confidence

Speak About Your Business with Confidence

As small business owners, we are well aware of the importance of networking, but this can be easier said than done when it comes to presenting your business with confidence.

No one is inherently good at public speaking and it’s important to remember that struggling with it is perfectly normal. What often makes a good public speaker is either practice or confidence (or both if you’re lucky) – and while your family and friends are probably happy to help, there is likely a limit to the number of presentation rehearsals they are willing to sit through.

So, it’s down to you to build up your confidence and make sure you are presenting your small business in the best possible light.

To help you do so, we have comprised a list of 5 ways you can use the symptoms of anxiety to your advantage when public speaking.

1. The Brain

Self-consciousness can be one of the biggest hurdles when talking about your business so intercepting negative thought patterns prior to public speaking can help you enter the situation with confidence.

Take some time to consciously acknowledge the goals you had when you started your venture and reaffirm the pride you have in your creation.

2. The Body

The body is where most of our physical symptoms manifest – we all dread the clammy hands and shaky legs because they threaten to show our audience how we’re feeling, but it’s this very fact that we can use to our benefit. There have been numerous studies which show that simply presenting yourself with good posture when public speaking can actually boost your confidence – as far as your audience is concerned if you look confident, you are.

3. The Breath  

It’s important to remember that your voice, and therefore the voice of your business, comes from your breath, so taking to time to control it and project your voice during public speaking is a great way manage your nerves and appear more confident. Try two to three minutes of deep breathing prior to a session of public speaking and let your lungs fill you with confidence.

4. The Energy

When walking into a room, whether that be to network, to have a meeting, or for public speaking, you’re carrying your business with you. Make sure that every time you enter a professional space you are embodying your businesses core values and presenting it with an air of confidence and courage in your convictions.

5. The Fear

The very nature of presenting yourself, and your most prized creation, in front of a crowd (be that in person or on Zoom), is daunting. By consciously acknowledging that public speaking will always be a part of running a small business, it becomes easier to take steps to combat the symptoms of anxiety, one by one.

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Article written in collaboration with Judith Quin. You can find out more about Judith on her website:


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