August 17

5 Reasons your Prospects say ‘No’

Increase your conversion rates by adapting your approach

Sometimes we think we have everything right. We’ve got a great product or service. We’ve got great looking marketing material. And we’re even attracting plenty of new prospects.

But for some unknown reason, they still don’t buy from us.

So here’s 5 things you might be doing WRONG and what you could to increase your sales conversions.

1. Wrong Audience

Have you thought you might be talking to the wrong audience? You might think you’ve got a clear picture of who your target audience is, but you might be wrong. Maybe your current audience don’t truly value what you offer? Consider testing some marketing tactics which target a different audience.

2. Wrong Message

You may think that your messaging is clear, concise and compelling – and instantly engages with your audience. But possibly you’re audience don’t think so. If there’s any confusion in your messaging, your audience  will look elsewhere to find a business that demonstrates and understanding of them and their needs.

3. Wrong Time

Your product (or service), messaging and pricing may be spot on for your prospects, but they’re simply not in a position to commit right at this moment. That’s totally understandable and the vast majority of your prospects are probably in that position.

So, what are you doing in your marketing to acknowledge that? Are you continually nurturing your prospects and continuing to make them offers, so that you are always in their mind for when they are ready to commit?

4. Wrong Offer

There are many factors that finally triggers that purchasing decision. Sometimes it’s price, or timescale. Sometimes it’s driven by your focus on certain features and benefits, and sometimes it’s emotionally driven. So, do you change how you present your offers so they appeal to different types of buyer?

5. Wrong Decision

In order for your prospects to buy from you, they need reassurance they are not making a bad decision. This is where social proof, testimonials, case studies and guarantees are invaluable in building trust and supporting your prospect’s decision to buy.

So, can your prospects easily see what others have said about you and your brand? Or what they’ve experienced in terms of results or outcomes?

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