August 3

5 Reasons Businesses Fail With Facebook Advertising (and how to fix them)

Reaching more people for less money…

Two things have happened recently that are currently providing some great opportunities for small and local businesses.

The first thing is that in the current environment our ‘screen time’ has skyrocketed, whether that’s finding answers to questions, seeking help and support, or just keeping in touch with friends and family, we are all spending more time on social media.

Secondly many larger businesses and brands have dramatically reduced their advertising budgets on social media channels, such as Facebook. This has led to Facebook Advertising costs actually decreasing recently.

The combination of these two things means that as a business you can now reach more people than ever, for less money.

The bad news is that so many businesses are still failing to get good results from Facebook Advertising, so here’s my top 5 Facebook fixes.

1. Targeting

The core of Facebook’s success as an advertising platform is the Facebook Pixel. This small piece of code tracks your audience’s actions and behaviours, rather than just interests and demographics. This dramatically improves your targeting. So the first thing is to install the Facebook Pixel onto your website so you can build up a profile of your potential customers.

2. Messaging

The challenge for many business owners is in writing good advertising copy that will engage and connect with their audience. Facebook has now taken the guesswork out of what works through it’s Dynamic Creative tool. This allows you to split-test images, headlines and copy all at the same time and Facebook will tell you which combination works the best.

3. Converting

Getting a good return on your investment from Facebook advertising is all about increasing your conversions and decreasing costs. The most effective way to do this is via Retargeting advertising– ie putting your Ads in front of people who’ve already shown an interest in your brand, either by interacting with you on Facebook or visiting your website (see Pixel installation in point 1). This traffic is both cheaper and more likely to convert.

4. Budgeting

One of the major selling points of Facebook advertising is that there’s no need to spend a fortune in order to get results. You can run campaigns that have daily budgets starting at just £1 per day. The best strategy with Facebook is always to start small and on very low budgets whilst you are testing and only start to scale your budget once you are getting results.

5. Timing

One of the most important things to remember with Facebook advertising is to not be in a rush. Take your time. Run simple campaigns with very low budgets and for just three or 4 days at a time. Then use the results and data from your campaign to decide what you need to do next. It will take several weeks of testing (and investment) before you start to see some real results, so be patient.

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