August 4

5 Quick-Start Ways To Build Your Business On Instagram

If you’re looking to build your business on Instagram, perfecting your Bio can make all the difference…

For many small business owners, Instagram may not seem like the right place to invest your marketing effort.

Despite the fact that many businesses prosper using the app, you may feel that your business is more service based and you can’t rely on imagery, or you think the user base isn’t your prospective customer.

There are many reasons why you might delay setting up an Instagram account but you could be missing a huge business-building trick!

Creating a new marketing platform for your business can be overwhelming, particularly when there’s no specific way to ‘win’ on Instagram, but the first step is the hardest and that’s why we’re taking you through it step by step.

It all starts with your Instagram Bio.

An Instagram bio is effectively the introduction to your business – you need to concisely describe what you do in order to attract your prospective customers and build your online identity and grow your sales.

Here’s 5 easy ways to create a business-building Instagram bio:

1. Think of it like a book cover

Your bio is going to be the first place people look when they visit your page so think of it as a book cover. You want to be able to attract the right people (your prospects) while also giving them an idea of what content they can expect from you. Relevance is key – keep your bio to the point and focus on what you do to help others.

2. Use the ‘name’ to describe yourself

On Instagram, your name in your bio shows in bold black writing, but if you use this as an opportunity to highlight your services instead e.g. ‘Lifestyle coach and public speaker’ you’ll be more likely to appear in searches for those services, gaining more followers and more customers.

3. Use your link wisely

In an Instagram bio, you can only paste in one link, so use it wisely. You can link directly to your website or you Newsletter sign up or if you can’t decide use Linktree – this allows you to use a single link in your bio that leads to a landing page that provides further links!

TIP: Next weeks’ webinar host and co-writer of this blog post, Estelle Keeber, used web developers Black Nova Designs to create a bespoke way to display more links via her Instagram bio. 

4. Be clear on your call to action

Your main CTA on Instagram should always be to visit the link in the bio – directing your customers into a closer, more branded relationship with your business. Be sure to encourage this via a lead magnet, newsletter sign up or even a discount when you visit the link.

5. Always keep it up to date

Things in your business are changing all the time, so keeping your customers up to date throughout your journey will not only give them a better insight into your sole trader business but it’s great to keep them informed about new products or monthly deals in your bio.

This article was written in collaboration with Estelle Keeber. You can find out more about how to build your business on Instagram in our Bizmosis® Academy or follow Estelle on Instagram.


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